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Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L50 Thermometer

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Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L50 thermometer measures the temperature both indoors and outdoors. You can get the most accurate location-specific climate data without any third-party weather forecast service. You will always be aware of when the weather will suddenly get colder. The thermometer comes with a remote sensor responsible for measuring the outside temperatures and recording the humidity level. The sensor is connected to the base – no cables are needed for the operation of the device.

The top of the Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L50 screen displays the clock, and right below it, you will find large digits of the indoor and outdoor temperature values. The minimum and maximum records are kept in the device’s memory for analyzing the weather for a specific period. The remote sensor has a small screen, so you can check the results of its measurements directly at the location point. The humidity values are only available on the sensor screen. The base station is placed on a table or windowsill, and the sensor is mounted on the wall.

Key features:

  • A digital device that is both a thermometer and a watch
  • Measures temperature at two locations: indoors and outdoors
  • Remote sensor with a built-in hygrometer and a built-in screen
  • Radio signal radius – up to 50 meters (164 feet)
  • Both devices are battery operated

The kit includes:

  • Thermometer
  • Remote sensor
  • User manual and warranty card
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty, years lifetime
EAN 4620137483239
Package size (LxWxH), cm 14.5x9x5
Usage location indoors, outdoors
Type thermohygrometer
Built-in features thermometer, hygrometer, clock
Design tabletop, digital, wireless
Application for home use
=== Delimiter === Hygrometer (air humidity)
Units of measurement % (RH)
Measuring range 15% to 95%
Measurement resolution 1%
=== Delimiter === Thermometer (temperature)
Units of measurement °C, °F
Measuring range indoors 0…+50 °C
Measuring range outdoors -30…+60 °C
Measurement resolution 0.1 °C
Special features measurement resolution: 1°C (base station), 0.1°C (remote sensor)
=== Delimiter === Clock (time/date/calendar)
Clock True
Time format 12 hours, 24 hours
=== Delimiter === General specifications
Screen type monochrome
Number of screens 2
Radio signal frequency, MHz 433.92
Radio signal radius, m 50.0
Power supply 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Body plastic
Number of connected outdoor sensors 1 pc. (included)